Get a top-down view of your application components and dependencies at the click of a button with DDE

With ever-growing infrastructure complexity, and with the increasing need to align IT resources and services with business functions and goals, organizations today have to see — so they can manage — more deeply than ever before. To track dependencies, IT infrastructure has relied on conventional techniques such as endless spreadsheets and extensive audits. But the proliferation of virtualized data centers, cloud, and micro services, has made it increasingly difficult to track dependencies using these archaic methods. Now, application maps are usually the first step to visualizing complex IT environments.

To ensure that apps perform optimally, it’s important to discover and map the underlying dependencies. The technology that enables this capability is called Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping ADDM.

DDE from Perpetuuiti Resiliency Automation Platform enables real-time visibility into applications and their IT infrastructure dependencies to help manage the business proactively. With DDE, organizations can get a holistic view of their dynamic and complex IT infrastructure, easily drill down to IT relationships, and map them effortlessly!

Discover assets and dynamically group into applications or move group.

Establish and maintain an accurate and up-to-date view of the relationships and dependencies across your IT infrastructure.

Assess the risk and/or impact of a change to a component or service prior to making it.

Create a more stable environment by understanding the “downstream” impacts of problems or errors found within the environment.

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How it works?

DDE discovers and tracks application components and dependencies to provide a logical, service-oriented model of your infrastructure and what it does for your business

Real-time visualization and automated application discovery of IT environment.

Creates, integrates, monitors and updates new or existing CMDBs.

Visualizes application interdependencies and drills down IT relationships towards a faster decision-making.

Real-time impact analysis reduces the Mean Time to Recovery MTR during IT failures.

Real-time agentless/ script-less approach towards auto-discovery of applications & associated IT infrastructure.

Expedites application troubleshooting by highlighting associated components.

Feature-rich DDE enables your organization to bridge the gap between IT and business

Automated discovery provides a comprehensive view of applications and their environment.
Application maps are enriched with real-time, color-coded status information.
Interactive application maps enable drill-down into status and configuration data for rapid root cause analysis.
Use application maps to find and secure all the components that store and process your most sensitive data.
Work seamlessly with business operations’ tools by rapidly isolating configuration-related application problems and accelerating.
Pictorial representation of ‘What to Migrate’ from the standpoint of business services.
Optimize/Align data center costs with business priorities.
Use a simplified, flexible data model that easily extends discovery of new and updated IT resources.
Real-time view of any disruption and its cascading effect on business services.
Enhance management of physical, virtual and cloud environments.
Increase IT agility and business alignment.
Prevent outages when moving data center assets.

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